System76 launch

Switches: Kailh BOX Jade
Keycaps: Stock PBT. XDA profile

Keychron Q1

Switches: Gateron Phantom Brown
Keycaps: Stock ABS. Cherry profile

Drop + OLKB Preonic

Switches: Candy Jade Green, 62g
Keycaps: Drop MT3 Dasher

Keychron Q2 Knob

Switches: Kailh BOX Navy
Keycaps: Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari

KBDfans 65% Wooden Case DIY Kit

Switches: Kailh BOX Navy
Keycaps: Drop + MiTo MT3 9009
PCB: DZ65RGB V3 hot-swap
Plate: Brass

NuPhy Air60

Switches: Gateron Brown Low-Profile
Keycaps: NuPhy COAST Twilight

Megalodon Macropad

Switches: Outemu Big Switches & Kailh BOX Navies
Keycaps: Drop MT3 from Susuwatari and Dasher sets.


Switches: NK_ Cream Tactile
Keycaps: Drop + MiTo MT3 Pulse
Plate: FR4
Stabilizers: Everglide V2

Keychron V4

Switches: Durock T1 Smokey, 67g
Keycaps: Drop + Matt3o MT3 3277 w/ Turquoise Accents

NovelKeys NK65 Entry Edition

Switches: Akko CS Jelly Purple
Keycaps: Drop + MiTo Keysterine

NovelKeys NK65 Aluminum Edition

Switches: Kailh Pro Purple
Keycaps: SoulCat To The Universe

KBDfans KBD67 Lite R4

Switches: Tecsee Lake Blue
Keycaps: Drop MT3 Camillo

Keychron Q0

Switches: Kailh BOX Jade, Kailh BOX Navy, Cherry MX Brown
Keycaps: Drop MT3; various sets.

NovelKeys NK87 Entry Edition

Switches: Invokeys Matcha Latte
Keycaps: Drop MT3 Jasmine

KBDcraft Adam

Switches: Kailh BOX Burnt Orange
Keycaps: NuPhy COAST

Space Cables Stellar65

Switches: C³EQUALZ Tangerine
Keycaps: Drop MT3 Skiidata
Stabilizers: C³EQUALZ Tangerine

Keebio Convolution

Switches: Durock Shrimp
Keycaps: Drop DCX Permafrost
Stabilizers: Durock V2

Vortex PC66 QMK

Switches: TBD
Keycaps: TBD
Stabilizers: TBD

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